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SHIFT is a non-profit organization for people during midlife who are navigating work/life transitions
SHIFT helps its members create pathways to meaningful and sustainable lives!
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David Alley
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Here is a list of general Networking tips:

Networking Toolbox

Networking Treasure Map

How to Conduct a Networking Meeting



Below is a list of Presentations made at CCN monthly meetings, workshops and seminars:

Who's Your Boss?

Importance of Networking

How to conduct an effective networking meeting

Networking phone audio 

Organizing Your Job Search

Interviewing with Success

STAR Interviewing

Behavior Based Interview Questions

Resume Do's and Don'ts

The Power of LinkedIn

How to Maximize Working With Recruiters

Purpose and Values

Values List

How to Get an Interview

Using StrengthsFinder for Your Job Search

Networking Deep Dive 201

3T's in Personal Branding

Keys to Making a Career Change


General Resources:

Here are some general resources that may assist you in your job search:

30-second Resume

Elevator Speech Tips

Ten "Must Use" Webites for Your Job Search

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions by Category

How to Dress for Interviews

Interview Tips

Personal Reference Assessment

Weekly Job Hunting Planner

Benefits Consideratons

Comprehensive Online Database of Links to Job Search Websites


Assessment Tests:

Here are some FREE general assessment tests that may be of benefit to you:


Phone Scripts:

Phone calling scripts